UAB „Statinių priežiūra“ (JSC Building maintenance) has successfully provided the engineering systems for operational maintenance and building management services in Lithuania. 

The competent company capable of increasing the value of your existing buildings and improve the systems engineering work.
We are not newcomers in this market, so the ideal solution of all the sensitive and non-traditional issues related to building management, administration and communication with owners and tenants. Our company's managers and employees - many years of experience of its professionals, sophisticatedwith all of your building systems, finer points.
UAB “Statinių priežiūra” (JSC Building maintenance) available Licenses and Certificates grant the right to carry out all of the quality of our services. Works directly made by available to our professional technical staff, which guarantee quality, efficiency, clear responsibilities and a fast response due to remove faults.
Market - UAB “Statinių priežiūra” (JSC Building maintenance) principal branch of the activity is the engineering systems maintenance and administration. The company is not dependent on the construction sector, which ensures stable operation regardless of the situation in the construction market (especially in these tough economic times);
Growth - The Company has increased its business volume, and the main guarantee of successful development - the acquired company's customers trust the services of an exceptional attention to each client. Currently, the main UAB " Statinių priežiūra" clients - the logistics centers, administrative, commercial buildings, shopping centers, industrial establishments and buildings, apartment houses and others.
Our main objectives:
  • in-time identification, proper evaluation and elimination of present defects;
  • consideration for building systems and constructions;
  • presentation of proposals for increase of building’s durability, value and desirability and reduction of maintenance costs.
Employee responsible for the control of household administration shall be designated.